Change - Weight - Identity - 1/8 2019

Brian Austin made the video ‘Change - Weight - Identity’ together with Peter Cannizzaro and I suggest you check it out if you’re into juggling.


Absinthe - 20/7 2019
While I intensely work on HOLY and I question what time and day it is during the day, I do try to find some time and watch videos about other things than just the show. Here’s two vlogger visiting Absinthe


Andreas - 28/6 2019

Second movie from Andreas in a short time is such a treat! His juggling is always controlled, well thought which together with his naked film making it's such a wonderful experience!

Check out his latest creation here.

Progress - 22/6 2019
It make me sad that I see beautiful juggling in real life that I've created and I can't translate it into other forms of medias. They eye and our brain has such a neat way of put aside what ever is visually in the way. I'm currently up north in Sweden and yesterday I got to a new hotel so I made the exercise to integrate my juggling props as interior design in my new room. It turned out great!

I've also been scouting for different locations to film ECO the past couple of weeks, and today I tried out two of them. They didn't pan out as I originally thought but I learned that I need to find a visually clean place that still is smooth to film it in. I hope to find a suitable location soon so that I can show you dedicated people what I've created.

Back at it - 31/5 2019

There's a lot going on in my head right now. I haven't juggled for a few days, as I've been at home looking for ideas to a costume, thinking lighting designs and overall trying to get an overview of HOLY. Tomorrow I'll go back into the studio to run some tests of what I've been thinking, which I'm really looking forward to.

Traveling - 8/5 2019

I'm heading to Stockholm once more and as always I'm taking the train. I'm going to meet up with two producers to talk about how to best promote and sell HOLY during the next few years. I'm also going to meet up with Erik Åberg who’ve made time for already now in May, despite him being busy. We're going to build the pedestal for HOLY, which is the last and final piece of prop I'll have on stage for the piece.

As always when I'm in Stockholm, I'm going to Skomakeri Framåt to meet up with Carina Eneroth. This time we'll discuss further about potential shoes to HOLY. This I'm really excited about, as I've never had custom shoes made for me before and it's such a difference to create from the base up compare to just use what's already on the shelf. As if that wasn't enough people in my schedule, I'm finally having a first meeting with a potential musician for HOLY. I'll give you an update on how that proceeds.

The final reason I'm going to Stockholm is that for the next two weeks I'm going to teach 300 kids how to juggle, all through Cirkus Cirkör.

The return of Ameron Rosvall - 5/5 2019

After years of illness, with no juggling from Ameron, a trailer was just released with the news that Ameron Rosvall will make an hour long video. There’s not too much information to go on, we don’t even have a name yet, but the trailer displays numerous of experimental props based on different jugglers the past hundred years with the sight set on what is to come. I would define the style as futuristic with few shapes we know today and objects with movement qualities we rarely see in todays juggling. One rumour is that this video project will be released in the end of the year.

Watch the trailer here.

The Capital - 2/4 2019

I'm no longer based in Stockholm but this week I'll spend there. Here’s what’s on my schedule:

I'll get the AROUND shoes a touch up after many hours of rehearsals and 129 shows during the past year. This is done by the legendary Carina Eneroth at Skomakeri Framåt.

I'll meet with Ivar Heckscher to talk about wooden rings. My ring juggling is inspired by the beauty and calm of nature so rings made out of wood is something I think I'll have to consider for HOLY. I'm still skeptical to it as it's hard to make them straight, perfectly round and all of them identically, but I'll give it a shot as wood is after all, wood. The look, the smell, the touch.

I managed to catch a time with the brilliant and busy photographer Einar Kling Odencrants, so we'll have a photo session some point during the week. Mostly for the sake of juggling photography it self. Stay tuned on our instagrams.

I'll meet up with Erik Åberg, to talk about other hand made props than rings for HOLY. He has years of experience with both juggling and wood working so he was the natural choice to work with on HOLY’s set design.

HOLY funding - 25/3 2019

On my way down to Germany last year I wrote an application for some funding for my most extensive juggling piece ever. I asked the Swedish government for money through the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (link) and was recently granted 100000 SEK. This will allow me to work with wood workers and musicians to create what I have envisioned. I aim to premiere HOLY in 2020.

An update - 12/3 2019

Stockholm is one high tech city, and as I view my juggling as quite calm and analog, I thought it would help to create that juggling if I was in a more soft and soothing place. Therefor I've left Stockholm for a while to focus on mainly two juggling projects.

One being a DSR (different sized rings) routine I've been working on for the past year. I still need to film it to see if I’m happy with the rhythm and look of it, before working on the techniques and deciding costume and light.

One being a longer piece which I intend to premier and tour in 2020. This is closer to finish with only technique to be perfected. So if you have a festival, convention or theatre that needs a juggling show, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

AROUND statistics - 1/3 2019

I've performed AROUND 129 times, more than half of them was dropless by Luke Wilson standards and 42000 people have now seen the piece. Luke Wilson said: a drop is a failure of intention, a definition I often use in my work.

I’ve done more than
2800 headrolls
1600 seconds with triple balance
1000 catches with nine rings.

Last Monday (25th of February) I took the train from Bonn to Lille to teach at the circus school there. It's been intense and I've learned a lot, both about juggling and about my own teaching. You can visit the schools website here.

Next I'm off to Copenhagen for a couple of days, to visit AFUK; the circus school that helped me prepare for DOCH. I'll spend a few days training, seeing my old teachers and enjoy Copenhagen before finally returning to Sweden after almost five months away.

Why did I switch to rings? - 20/2 2019

In October last year I got this question from Hiroki Kanba, and I've been working on the answer ever since.

Through the years I've been questioning most things I encountered, juggling was no exception; how we juggle, why we juggle and why we juggle the way we juggle. Big groups of people moves slower than individual can do, and being as impatience as I am, what interested me most was my juggling. The question I asked was *Why do I like juggling?* and *What is it with juggling that makes me love it so much?* I'm still on that quest to find out and create exactly the juggling I love but I've come huge steps the past five years.

In November of 2013 I was part of an event organised by Jay Gilligan. 22 jugglers performed together (read more about it here) I was working on my graduation act from DOCH and I had flashed nine clubs three times. I felt like I could do anything I wanted. But what did I want? In Center of Gravity, two jugglers juggling stood out to me, Patrik Elmnert and Sean Blue. They both juggled rings and their juggling was based on aesthetics. I realised I wanted to create beauty with juggling. So what is beautiful? Well, that's subjective and is different between different people, but there's a few things that unites our taste. For example our brain enjoys watching smooth shapes, such as circles. Just look at how Walt Disneys drew his characters ( If I want to create beautiful juggling, I can come closer to the truth if I use a shape that I think is beautiful.

Another thing most humans are attracted to in other people is confidence and vulnerability, so this is something I think can be characteristics of my juggling. 

I've come to realise that most people seems to enjoy juggling with following qualities:
Satisfying movement
Soft movements
Controlled movements

Plus, a lot of critic juggling gets from non educated people is that it goes too fast to understand what's happening, so if I slowed down my juggling so people could see the technique used, they might enjoy watching it more.

During my years at DOCH we talked a lot about juggling in relation to other forms of art and how we as artists of juggling should strive to lift juggling to the same level as those art forms in terms of respect, depth and meaning (and perhaps further than them).

I wanted to create juggling that relates to other design forms, such as car design, architecture, house interior, movies, animation, paintings etc. This is places where circles exists so why not use a form that the culture already is familiar with? It makes so much sense.

Just to make it clear: Ring is the object. Circle is the shape.

Beside trying to flash nine clubs, I also worked a lot with club balances and I asked my self if it's possible to balance multiple clubs on the same point. I found one or two ways, but they weren't aesthetically pleasing, nor particularly exciting. The very first technique I created with rings was the triplex balance, which allowed multiple rings being balance on one point. My years long research had started.

There's probably more reasons to why I switched to rings, but these are the main ones.

Erik Åberg - 19/2 2019

Here is a clip from Erik Åbergs interview and performance with the Ghostkubes in Spanish television. The voice over translation is loud so you can’t hear Eriks answers, but it’s still enjoyable, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Dimensions - 10/1 2019

Ball is one dimension

Ring is two dimensions

Club is three dimensions

Ghostkube - 2/1 2019
Erik Åberg invented ghostkubes and they’ve already made a huge impact on the performing arts. Here you can see a film shot by Oskar Wrangö.

Erik Åberg also started a kickstarter campaign to sell a plastic version of the ghostkubes, which breaks down to flat pieces.
Check that out here.

Wes Peden in Stockholm - 31/12 2018

As a side note to my last post, here’s ‘Swift Pause’, Wes Pedens graduation act from DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm). Wes premiered this act in 2010 and for those who wants to study the difference and similarity of Wes juggling on stage, I think this is a nice side to side comparison with 8 years apart.


Wes Peden in Helsinki - 29/12 2018

Wes Peden just released his latest act that he’s currently performing in Helsinki. Over seven minutes of all the sweet, colourful juggling that Wes provides.


History - 24/12 2018

History is important for me, because if I watch what has been and what is, I can make a qualified guess what will be. There’s two reasons why juggling history interests me the most: 1. I love juggling. 2. It’s part of humans history which is under researched and if we don’t value it, that part will be lost.

4 cords - 17/12 2018

Link to video

Well isn't this a food for thought! Can this be applied to juggling? Is there a type of juggling that is popular today? Or is this the type of juggling that needs to exist in order to make juggling popular? And if we just want to develop juggling for jugglings sake and make experimental juggling, do we need to through all the predictable and satisfying juggling first?

Performing - 10/12 2018

This video brings up performing a skill. Which, for some jugglers is more important than others, since some of us, work as performers. But 'to perform' also means 'to achieve' which is something we jugglers want to do in the training hall.


I've always learned a piece of juggling by muscle memory, I've struggled with learning them beyond that, through my mind. However, with AROUND, my first real ring piece, I was determined to do just that and I think I've come a long way. I've noticed it's been easier to learn the juggling if I took the piece of juggling to heart. And taking it to heart is easier if I use tricks that means something to me, give all the tricks names, put them in an order that was that is logical to me, created different versions of each trick and learn them both sides.

Holster - 29/11 2018

Unfortunately I won’t focus on eleven rings this winter. I have eight shows per week to do, and I really want to finish the material for my upcoming solo show. Plus the theatre I'll be working (and practice) in has only space for 10 rings. However after a few prototypes (ten or so), I've come up with this design for a holster to hold the eleventh ring, while I work on releasing six in one hand.

As inspiration I’ve I looked at other peoples holster, such as Sergey Ignatov, Anthony Gatto and Daniel Lysenko (designed by Yuriy Pozdnyakov). What I created is a mix between Yuriy Pozdnyakovs design and based on the shoes I did for AROUND. I used a milk box, duct tape and some magnets to use the holder, then I took a strap to attach it to my leg.

A longer project - 23/11 2018

Now when AROUND is officially a piece of juggling that's up and running at least 7 shows a week, I will go full on creating my longer piece of juggling. This is actually the thing I've been working on since I started with rings in later 2013 and AROUND was a stepping stone that I realised would be wise to finish first.

I've got around 30 minute of juggling material I know I want to put in the piece, I got a few pieces I'm not sure that will fit the composition and then I've got a few ideas about how I'd like to continue the work.

Then there's all the logistics around the show and I'm still looking for a producer to help me out, so if you know someone interested, let them know, my juggling is soon ready to be presented.

JJF - 20/11 2019
So last month i had the pleasure to join Japan Juggling Festival

Here’s a summarise of the festival by PM juggling.

Yuriy Pozdnyakov

One of three people I know of that have juggled five club backcross on top of a freestanding ladder. In early 2011 I was lucky enough to spend three months as his student he made me see the fysics behind juggling, he taught me to see the reasoning to why something wouldn't work and how to make it work.

He has now dedicated his life to educate and teach a younger generation how to juggle and he inspires me to become the best teacher I can be.

His instagram

William Spencer

Keep questioning the skateboard rules as I should be doing with juggling rules.

Examples of his skateboarding

Wes Peden

For many years I was a hopeless case as a Wes Peden fan, I thought he was godlike and worshiped every juggling trick he did. In recent years I've liked less and less of his juggling. This is great! Cause what he does still have quality and passion, but we don't have the same taste. We both have love and passion for juggling but it's our aesthetics that sets us apart. This gives juggling a deeper perspective that I didn't see before. I respect Wes choices and admire what he does, both for juggling; the craft, the art, the community and I appreciate what he does for me.

SALT - my favourite video from Wes in recent years.
PX4 juggling video
His youtube channel for all his video work

Viktor Gyllenberg

Viktor was a juggler that inspired me early on, all the way back in -05, where I first saw him in ‘Juggling in Stockholm’ the first juggling film I bought, on VHS none the less. Ever since I got to know him he has supported me and my juggling.

INTERNAL STRUCTURES IN MOTION - a project made with Oskar Wrangö:

Video project made in Iceland that Viktor was part of.

Sergey Ignatov

As a fan of numbers juggling with rings, I'm a fan of this legend who juggled 11 rings gracefully before any other.

11 ring flashes on stage

Sean Blue

One of the very few example of simple juggling and probably the one person that made me start juggling with rings. In late 2013 I performed at Ivar Heckschers 70th birthday party together with 21 other jugglers and there was something about seeing Sean Blues juggling live that made me realise rings is the object I need to juggle.
Shoes box tour 2010
Instagram series

Sumer Singh Matharu

Creates simplistic furnitures, which is a joy to watch. I create juggling with objects so I'm inspired by the shape of objects as well as how we interact with them.

Check out the three of my favourite creations from Sumer Matharu:

3 // jouir tables
7 // jouir floating desk
22 // infinite triangle desk

Rodney Mullen

A part of skating history, but a creator at heart. Never really stopped, but with millions of dollars in the bank, years of fame, he still spits some truth. I've been inspired for many years by Rodney because he is humble towards time, life and his craft. A mind set that seems the most productive.

Short talk

Robert van Embricqs

A designer of objects which I enjoy to watch as his designs are based in engineering, repetion which creates stunning patterns. A big dream would be to have him do juggling objects for me to juggle.

HERE is his website, and click ‘projects’ to see the objects he’s created.

Petter Wadsten

A Swedish ring juggler with high technical level and individual creativity. He has helped me with classic ring techniques the past few years, and has always been helpful when it comes to juggling.

Paul Cincovalli

I've said it before on this blog, he was one of the first to difference between juggling and magic, which now defines how I live. How could I not respect that?

Patrik Elmnert

A direct influence on my ring juggling, as he has created many beautiful and original ring techniques, but also has a unique way of composing juggling. 

There are very little of Patriks ring juggling online, and all I know of are these two excerpt from performances he's done. The first one at a corporate gig in Greece and the second one at a juggling festival in Australia.



My favourite show of all time is “Between Someones Sons”, created by Patrik Elmnert and Wes Peden. Unfortunately it has stopped playing, but here are some material:




Michael Moschen

Treated juggling as an art, not as a craft, and expressed what he felt necessary. He made me see how juggling can be an art and I realised through his art that I should try and treat juggling at the same level as other art forms.

Triangle piece
2016 interview
TED talk

Marshall Mathers

This guy has created music which motivates me, but also inspires me to trust that juggling will be suffice. Technique is all I need to express what I need and impress, inspire and entertain people around me.

Kanye West

Stands up for all artists and believes in himself and makes me believe in myself.

Jin Suzuki

Unreal box juggling. I visited Japan Juggling Festival recently and when I mentioned his name they said "Japans best box juggler" I'd go further and say my favourite box juggler in the world.

Triple stack:

Jay Gilligan

He was my teacher for three years, so he has influenced me a lot when it comes to juggling, but ever since I moved to Stockholm I've also come to realise how smart his juggling is and how smart he puts it on stage. I enjoy how seriously he thinks of juggling and has influenced many of my other inspirations such as Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert (more of them later in these series). Jay helped me realise what kind of juggling I want to do, how it should look and what it should tell. Maybe teacher isn’t the right word, maybe I should say he was my guide.

To explore more of his art, visit his website.

Jani Suihkonen

He is a prop innovator, a juggling creator and a teacher. Jani Suihkonen has invented many new props, such as the magnetic sticks, the hollow box and color changing club.

Go through all his videos, cause he has a lot of ideas which you as a juggler should see.


Jackson Ford

Does juggling his own way, which gives me hope about the next generation. He's a player of the juggling game which makes me proud to say I'm a juggler.

Here's his youtube channel. Dragonfly is my favourite.

Ivar Heckscher

A art genius with an big interest for juggling. Two eyes and a brain with more experience of art than the U.S has of bombing the fuck out of people. He used to be the headmaster for the circus department at DOCH. 

Here's a video of a celebration of his 70th birthday.

Here's a article by Jay Gilligan explaining the project.

Haavard Hvidsten

The king of hobby jugglers and this makes me work harder. In a lot of ways. Haavard creates new techniques, new juggling with old techniques and always have high technical level. He's also embraced the community and not only makes it bigger but also stronger.

Just take a look at this video and you'll understand what I mean.

Gregory Popovich

He did 9 ring cascade top of a free standing ladder. Technique in it's prime which makes me want to push it further.


Gou Miyagi

I find the craft of skating so similar to the craft of juggling and when someone does it properly, it's a joy to witness. A skater which creates skateboarding like there is no rules in skateboarding, which creates a refreshing style of riding.


Franz von Holzhausen

The responsible person for the look of Tesla model S, X, 3 and Roadster, as he's the chief of design at Tesla. In a game of more and more complicated design, this guy went for a simplistic design. I love the design because with performance figure like that (acceleration, top speed, engineering and price), to not boast about it, is an expression of modesty and to have confidence that the performance will speak for itself.

Francis Brunn

First to perform ten rings. Two figures! The beginner of a new era where we can do a lot, but we will do little. Focused on few objects and the quality with those. He also performed dressed all in black, which inspires me to even more minimalism.

Es Devlin

Creates stages like no other. Her work gives me an insight on how a stage designer work. Her ideas makes me question my own choices of stage sets. My favourites are 'Yeezus' and 'Watch the Throne', but I could also be biased because of the music.

Erik Åberg

If Gatto is a doer, Erik is a thinker. He has given us Ghost cubes, always researching juggling on it's own premisses. This inspires me to juggle on my terms, to create my own version of juggling and to stand up for it when people question my choices.

Enrico Rastelli

He brought us a few of the building stones for how we juggle today, on what juggling I grew up on and what helped shape how I juggle today.

Dave Finnigan

He decided on how the ring I juggle today would look like. Know your history.

Christian von Koenigsegg

A guy that that does what he loves and is not only innovative in his field but has also created his surroundings to do what he loves: quick and fast cars. It is believed to be close to impossible start a car company and compete with established brands. Christian had a dream and did just that. He's a self taught engineer, designer and entrepreneur who, in my opinion, gives bigger and older car companies a good run for their efforts.

Read and watch more on
A series produced by DRIVE

Craig Quat

Revolution in how to teach juggling based on how we learn juggling. He has researched and the way I see it, broke down the skills that juggling requires and the result is revolutionary.
Do yourself a favour and discover Qaut props at

Arttu Lahtinen

Brings fresh new techniques with rings that looks sweet and compose juggling in a wonderful way. A rarity in juggling these days.


Ameron Rosvall

Is a object genius and showing the world that a juggler doesn't have to perform. He inspired me to not take the objects current shape for granted but to look into alternatives. Beside creating new objects and shapes, he also creates new juggling with high technique. A delight to watch!

Plastic mind
Juggling Documentation
Old juggling

Anthony Gatto

Do I need to say more? Well, for a non-juggler it might be wise to say a few words about this legend. At 8 (1981) he performed with five clubs and at the age of 18 (1991) he had 9 world records. Today he has, years after he stopped juggling, still 10 world records. 10! It will take multiple people and years to bring this guy down from the top and he'll never be erased from the history.

Anthony Gattos act
11 rings
12 rings

Alexander Kiss

A legend when it comes to classical juggling, both high technical level in comparison to his pears at the time and present time, but also keeping the aesthetics in mind. He made his juggling clean.

Alexander Kiss perform

Inspirations - 23 september 2018

I've tried to not be too open with this information, but ever since my since I hit the roof of technical juggling my inspirations spread from juggling to other activities. It was also then I realised my juggling should also rely on aesthetics, so to be inspired and motivated by activities dealing with aesthetics is quite natural.

A few years back I made a list of names belonging to people that does things that inspires me. Some are personal, some are for the community, but over the next few weeks I'll be writing a short text everyday on each name and why they inspire me. I'll throw in a video to watch if you want to.

AROUND TOUR - 20/9 2018
A lot has happen the past six months. I premiered AROUND at EJC, I qualified ten rings (instagram), I've seriously started to work on my longer solo piece and I've booked a tour for AROUND the next five month.

First I'll go to Melbourne Juggling Convention where I'll, beside teaching a workshop, perform AROUND and after spending two weeks in Melbourne I'll fly to Tokyo. There I'll attend the 20th edition of Japan Juggling Festival, teach the same workshop and perform AROUND extended, a seven minute version with additional tricks, exclusive for JJF 2018.

After that I'll be in Stockholm for a week before going to Bonn, Germany to work in GOP with AROUND. We'll do 7-8 shows each week until 24 of February.

FILM TIP - 15/9 2018
Łukasz Uczkiewicz has done a phenomonal juggling video! Spot on! Everything in shot, great camera angles, marvellous edits, sweet location, cool costume choices connecting to prop colors, all wrapped up with fantastic and enjoyable juggling composed in a wonderful order. Thank you Łukasz!

EJC 2018 - 1/4 2018

I miss the community of juggling. Making juggling my work has prevented me from going to conventions and when you actually find some space in your calendar, and go to work at a festival or convention, there's so much you miss because of rehearsals, workshop preparations etc. That is why I'm so excited to announce that I'm going to EJC 2018 for ten days. I'll perform the premiere of AROUND.

Soleil - a lesson in story telling - 3/3 2018

During my two weeks in Vegas I had the rare opportunity to watch six Cirque du Soleil shows in less than a week and to be part of a creation. It has been a wonderful but also educational experience to see the final product of this huge machine, in six different forms. One thing I notice is that Cirque du Soleil use any means, whatever it takes, to tell a story. They put the story first and foremost. Then there's technique, both beautiful and impressive, visual picture, etc.

Now my challenge is to create juggling that tells a story, is visually impressive, unique and difficult. Cause why settle with something less, right?

AROUND 2018 - 25/2 2018
The plan was to film Around back in December but after working intensively with Jay Gilligan for five days, I came to realise I need to rework some parts and compose it differently in order to give it the quality I think the juggling deserve. I tried to think of the idea to release in it's current state, and I couldn't bring myself to it. It has to be better than what I have now! I have postponed the release of AROUND to later this year. Stay tuned! 

Kota Hayashi - 21/2 2018
Another Japanese juggler doing sweet juggling on video! Coincidence? I don't think so.

Enjoy here!

Display my juggling - 15/2 2018
I'm currently in Las Vegas, rehearsing with Sean Blue for an event called One Night for One Drop, which is a charity gala to raise money for clean water (read more). We'll do two dressed rehearsal and then one off show on the March 2 in the Michel Jackson theatre.

Parallel with this project I'm still working on AROUND, an piece I think I actually might be both proud of and satisfied with. I want to make it safe, not only because I hate drops in performances, but also because I find a controlled movement much more appealing than a uncontrolled one. When I see someone know a movement through and through, it tickles my sense like a nine club flash used to do.

Komei Aoki - 31/12 2017
Finally a video of juggling I find worthy to post here.
Personal styled juggling with thorough research filmed in thought through way.


New tools - 21/11 2017
Since I got back to Stockholm there's been a lot to do. Not only for AROUND specifically, but for my life. I've been running through AROUND 2-3 times a day, as the first thing after warm up and then been working on details and techniques. A month ago my computer crashed, so instead of worrying about when I could get the things I wanted to get done, I've been focusing on training and building up my new life routines (sleep, food, clean, biking etc.). Yesterday I finally got my new computer.

to do list

√ rider

- lighting sheet

√ design and print business cards

√ design and print stickers

- take photos of props and suitcase

- promo shoot

√ buy costume shirts

√ rehearse with warm up, costume, lights and music

- film rehearsal

Water on Mars - 20/11 2017
Video project is now out on Youtube.
Watch it here

AROUND - final prototype - 16/10 2017
One hundred shows have been played and eleven are left to be done. I've performed the last prototype of AROUND, my new act which will be filmed this winter. It's been a lot of challenges these past six months:

Short warm up time in a small space (2x2x3 meter)
Low ceiling height in the performing space (4,2 meter)
Very hot
Very cold
Dirty backstage (which makes both props and hands dirty)
Live music (can differ from night to night)
Train hard in the day, but keep enough energy to perform at night.

I've learned a lot from this tour and I've made many new routines, which hopefully will help me in future job situations. More about this in a workshop called "From idea to dropless".

Restrictions - 12/10 2017
Restrictions is the best tool I have. It's how I learn a new technique and it's how I create.

Juggling provides natural (non human made) rules. Gravity is one of them, a maximum of two hands is another. The rules are clear to me. However; I like more restrictions, so I create them. Low ceiling, no walking, good posture, five qualifications in a row etc. They are examples of technical restrictions. Then there's also restrictions for creating. Only use one prop, or every catch has to be done in another location than the throw etc. These rules helps me to juggle the way I want.

Untitled - 8/10 2017
A lot if the tricks I work on, I work on because their aesthetic. A train it for a couple of months and I then find a even better version, a version that make the shape I wanted even clearer. This version I could only find by spending that many hours doing that move.

Now when I know that the second version exist the original version is ugly, awkward and weird. I wonder how I ever thought the original could be anything of value. Well, it's because I didn't judge it by my highest standards.

I find something that I could only find by spending that many hours doing that move.

The dream is of course to be able to find version two and three way faster, so therefor I keep looking for patterns in my thinking, research and creation.

Who's the best? - 1/10 2017
I see that people want to find the best juggler. The problem with that is that they miss so much good juggling! As a kid I saw juggling on a scale. Good on the top of it and bad low down. A couple of years ago, I came to see juggling on a wider spectrum. There's different juggling for different occasions. Then there's slow, fast, soft, hard, weird, cool, happy, smooth, choppy etc. All to fit each situation. There's juggling with less quality, but not all situations requires high quality juggling.

It's a matter of opinion and taste, and we all are different. 

Not that we shouldn't view juggling, jugglers and their work critically, rather the opposite! I personally think most jugglers accept other peoples creations too easy, but I think it's important that we clearly see and understand the goal of an artist, and not our own goal, before we criticise.

Perhaps in the future, I'll be able to see juggling on a three-dimensional scale, instead of the primitive two-dimensional I have now.

Details - 28/9 2017
This is not the first time I've been writing about HEPTAD, my absolute favourite film by Wes Peden, but when I discover something new, I want to share it with you. At 3.13 the first pattern with five balls in the movie is repeated five times, so each ball does has one place in the pattern once, not more, not less. Beautiful!

Teaching - 24/9 2017
For the past 15 months I've been creating a masterclass in juggling, and I think it'll be done by this year. In July last year when I taught it at IJA I had a structure of what ideas, exercises and technics I want to go through and in what order. I now realised I needed a script. Word by word of what I'm saying. Just like any other performance. First then it can be clear and I give the students a fair chance to learn.

For all the conventions and festival out there, yes, it'll be available together with Around in January 2018.

AROUND - 21/9 2017
The reason I haven't been updating my blog for long now is because I'm currently working hard on my new act, Around. Five months ago I set out to perform a beta version of it and after 80 shows I've learned a lot. Some minor changes in choreography, music refinement and the technical parts are getting cleaned up. For the last three months this year I'll be writing way more about the process and update you all on what I'm doing. This blog will be the main focus, but also a lot of pictures will be posted on Instagram (holyring).

have done list
- design logotype
- write script
- write prop list
- edit music
- buy shoes
- get shoes modified
- buy pants
- buy suitcase
- create harder versions of all tricks
- make a warm up program
- make stretch program
- website (pictures, texts, compose)

to do list
- rider
- lighting sheet
- design and print business cards
- design and print stickers
- take photos of props and suitcase
- promo shoot
- buy costume shirts
- rehearse with warm up, costume, lights and music
- film rehearsal

Head rolls - 18/9 2017

In the beginning of 2014 I decided to learn head rolls. Today I did 100 head rolls in one round. Far from perfect but still a sign it's going forward. 3,5 years is a fair amount of time for to learn a trick, right?

Nails - 17/9 2017

Yesterday I talked to my best friend Katarina and I mentioned I broke a bit of my right hands long finger nail while juggling and she said I rarely do that anymore. (I did it a lot a year ago). Here is my analysis on why that is:

- I use both of my hands in my everyday life, instead of only my left hand.
- Equal right-left hand treatment in juggling training (train both sides)
- The general attitude of don't throw anything that you probably won't catch: quality before quantity.

Interview with Jay Gilligan  11/8 2017

Here is interview with Jay Gilligan by Juggle Jabber. It's 80 minutes long, but if you're interested, it's a gold mine.

Haavard Hvidsten... - 11/7 2017

...just released a new short film!
Do your self a favour and watch it!

Modify king - 23/6 2017

Ameron released yet another video, this time with modified objects
Check it out!

Ameron does it once again - 12/6 2017

Some genius juggling for you! 
No.1 - No.2 - No3

I just go schooled! - 15/5 2017

Juggling by Jay Gilligan
Magnet clubs by Ameron Rosvall

Relationships - 1/5 2017

Every now and then someones asks me, when you know a trick or a certain number. Next time that happens I’ll answer, “when do you know a person?” It’s not black and white. But if it where, I’d say a thousand catches. At a thousand I feel comfortable and relaxed in that number. I’m not comfortable with six rings yet, but it’s getting closer. I’ve gotten 850 catches at best. My five rings are easy and chill, I know five rings. There my best is 1250 catches. 

Identification - 15/4 2017

When I first started to collaborate with a photographer I did my best trick and thought it would look fantastic in the sunset we were shooting in. It didn’t. It rather looked like shit and even though I couldn’t comprehend it at the time, the composition of the picture as a whole, looked like shit. Since then I’ve created some juggling only for photo and I have to say, it has influenced the other juggling I do. I’ve also started to take photos myself, mostly of my juggling and I’ve started to understand three things:
• How to compose a picture
• What technical challenges a photographer has
• What juggling look good in a photo vs in real time.

I don’t think I can ever make a as good looking photograph as a photographer can, since I’m not a photographer. I am a juggler, but if I go through some practice about photography and juggling, as well as learning a bit about the techniques behind photography, I can then come back to the photographer with more understanding and together we can make a much better photograph. My favorite photographer to work with is Einar Kling Odencrants and since he started his circus career as a juggler his 5 ball cascade is quite solid. This means he has a deeper understanding of juggling, which makes our photo shoots way smoother.

During the past years, I’ve gotten interested in films and how they are composed. A film is usually thirty pictures per seconds, which made me realize the importance of juggling in pictures, since there’s thirty of them in each second of film! For the past couple of months I’ve been educating myself by creating a few juggling films. I’ve also used youtube as a source for knowledge and then tried to translate it into juggling films. Now I can go to a film maker and have a slightly better understanding about their craft.

Ameron Rosvall - 22/4 2017

Ameron is a juggler who combines curious creativity without fear of failure! Here he hands us a few old clips in a created compilation à la Ameron.

Jay Gilligan - 30/3 2017

Yet another version of Jay Gilligans previous lectures on juggling (TEDx and GCHS Writers Week). Go see them if you haven’t before.

A lecture about his work in juggling (past and present) to give us a glimpse into the future. This version has better lighting, better filming, better articulated, better juggling, better sound, better music, better staging and better costume. It all makes the message more clear. Hearing Jay talk about juggling helps me finding my own language about juggling.

Here’s five reasons why I find Jays talks interesting:

has worked with most juggling styles and technics.
thinks a lot about performing juggling.
has English as a first language.
works extremely hard to keep up with other art forms.
has been in the game for a very long time, actively.

The most important part for me is at 14:48, where Jay starts to talk about colors. His example of a painter using one color makes me realize how ridiculous our object manufacturing is. We’ve come a long way, but there’s an even longer way of what we can do with juggling. This realization makes me excited and motivated to push juggling forward to give future generations of jugglers more possibilities to express themselves.

Around - 15/2 2017

When I created Magnet Opus I believed it was perfect, but after doing over 200 shows with it, both short and long contracts, I’ve learned it isn’t. To write down all it´s flaws (and mine) are way to many for this place, but I’ll mention one thing and that is to not only have one set of your things (propstand, costume and props). Therefor I've bought four sets of Supra Camino and gonna have them modified into Around shoes. So far I only have one pair (plus one prototype that I don’t use anymore). Modification of all shoes for Around has been made by Carina Eneroth and I must say, she is amazing with shoes. Here you can see a short film I made for Skomakeri Framåt about the shoes function.

Gustaf Rosell - 1/2 2017

A video made by Gustaf Rosell, for free! Go watch it here and then let me break it down for you.

- All balls are in shot, at all time. Which mean I don’t have to guess what his juggling looks like, cause he shows me. That also makes me choose where to look, he doesn’t push it in my face.

- The juggling has a high tempo and is full of surprises. The cutting of the film is clearly done after Gustafs juggling style. Sometimes it takes us three or four times watching the film before we realize what pictures he’s showing us. That gives the film a certain depth. He doesn’t even start or end with a black out, just to throw us straight into it!

- The choice of location and art work as a background is phenomenal in relation to his costume. Just look at it! Mostly blue with a slash of red. Pink balls matches the pink parts of the painting perfectly. The location of a sunny Miami makes his tank top and shorts fit in great.

- The choice of music is a delicate one, where it doesn’t take over, but simply supports the juggling and to keep the background noise at just the right volume is so sweet.

All in all. A rare, golden juggling film that at least have me inspired to work harder and be more precise in my composition!

20.20 minutes - 1/12 2016

I liked Heptad when it came out, and still after four years, this is probably my favorite juggling video by Wes Peden. Here’s seven reasons why:

  1. Heptad has a all going through theme and is one piece of juggling film.

  2. Heptad has a sweet mix between technic and the expression of the technic.

  3. Heptad has very few unnecessary “object-is-out-of-shoot” moments.

  4. Heptad is filmed clean, juggled clean, space clean and lighted clean.

  5. Heptad is a summing up of where juggling currently is, in terms of style, technics, objects and numbers.

  6. Heptad contain signs of Wes being Wes. From unaware hands, to jumps and spins, from concentration face to juggling style.

  7. Heptad has a added talk-about-video so we can understand more about Wes choices.

Aesthetics - 15/11 2016

This morning when I ate breakfast with my right hand and as usually it feels clumsy, I went back to my left hand to see if there was something concrete to learn how I hold my spoon. I then noticed I hold the spoon far out on the handle and aesthetics hit me. It looks beautiful in my eyes to hold far out on the spoon, with very little handle sticking out. It makes use of the whole spoon and it makes a longer extension of my hand, which also demands higher level of control.

After I created Magnet Opus I got more urge to do thing with aesthetics of my own liking and I didn’t like when I started the spin of the club on the pole half way down, since it didn’t make use of the whole pole. That aesthetics is something I’ve used when I started learning hand balance with rings. I want the ring to be balance on the tip on my fingers instead of half way in.

Your other side - 1/11 2016

From the early days of my life I used my left hand way more then my right hand. For the past 4-5 years I’ve been working on getting my right hand equally as confident and useful as my left hand. Finally, some things gets so solid with my right hand I no longer need to use the left hand, but rather go for what’s most practical in that moment. For example, If I have a spoon in my right hand, I can carry stuff or open doors with my left with out getting a bad conscious about it. Or if I’m turned with my left hand towards a thing I need to grab, I no longer need to turn around just to make the lift with my right hand. That’s some progress towards the main goal I’d say.