AROUND has been designed from ground up, considering everything. Filled with ground-breaking technique and pictures you’ve never seen before. And won’t do, for years to come!

High level of technique, with equal high level of quality?
Constantly working on tricks with even higher technical difficulty level makes the tricks for stage safer than a Volvo. Head roll with rings, triple balance, trip grip, triplex balance, all techniques researched and developed by Emil Dahl himself, and for them to exist in one act is truly unique for our lifetime.

Prop stand
Efficient while traveling, minimal space, clean stage picture: simply an untouched field of juggling. Another great example of how TIO take simplistics to the extreme and then go back to simplify it even more. These prop stand are one of a kind as they are attached to the juggler's feet.

High standards and only the best is good enough for TIO and Emil Dahl collaborate with the most experienced in their individual field to ensure you'll receive the best experience possible. The prop stand for Around is designed by Emil Dahl and manufactured by Carina Eneroth at Skomakeri Framåt.

This act is made to be flexible and is adaptable to most spaces. Small stages with big audiences and big stages with small audiences. Designed for a 360° audience allows for up to 1000 people to watch without budging on the once in a lifetime experience. A pleasure all around! AROUND fits seamlessly into any venue, be it a shoe store, a theatre or cat walk, even though the room isn't symmetrical, AROUND is constructed to fit there.

Around is a visual experience like nothing else but will still pack down in no more than one normal sized suitcase, including everything: props, scenography and costume. This means no extra shipping fees, problems with lost suitcases etc. Scandinavian simplicity at its finest.

This act has been designed to fit anywhere. There's no setup time and when Around is over, the juggler brings everything off stage as part of the performance, so your event can continue smoothly. Emil works with his own juggling techniques which makes him in full control of every trick and with his more than 20 years experience of performing juggling, he knows how it impacts his audience. With the knowledge of the exact dramaturgy of each individual trick, he has composed AROUND to perfection to fit every moment of the act.

Everything around
A performance is much more than what can be seen on stage. Traveling, shipping, practice, safety and customer contact. With many years in the business of striving for perfection, knowing it will never be reached, it's only natural for us to be spotless. Every time.

Minimum space: 3x3 meters (square or round)
Minimum ceiling height: 3,5 meters (7 ring configuration) (9 ring configuration = 5,5 meters)
Suitcase, size: 23 kg. (51 lbs.) at 83 x 47 x 28 cm (33" x 18.5" x 11")
Setup: None
Tear down: None
Length: Five minutes
Official release date: 1 of April 2018

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