Emil Dahl creates and shows modern ring juggling.

Ring juggling as you've never seen it before! Be prepared to get your mind expanded, as the circle is revealed anew in front of your eyes. Using outstanding body control and an eye for details HOLY shows unprecedented juggling. With dynamic sculptures, custom made techniques and modern aestethics, Emil Dahl presents all the possible ways to balance rings. This is truly luxurious juggling!

HOLY is the result of five years research of the circle through a jugglers eyes. The simplified scenography consists of nothing but the essential: a square on the floor, a pedestal, a glass of water and nine rings. This simplicity allows you to see the juggling in its purest form. With tasteful composition and mesmerizing balance, HOLY will give you a unique experience and forever change how you perceive juggling!

What: A visual piece about the nature of the circle
Length: 45 minutes
Age: 13+ years
Space: Indoors
Stage minimum: 5x5 meters
Minimum ceiling height: 3,5 meters

Concept and juggling: Emil Dahl
Music: Johan Rinman
Scenography: Erik Åberg
Juggling consultant: Wes Peden

Photos: Teresa Santos
Special thanks to Katarina Tagesson

"It was a truly mind-blowing piece of juggling.

He is the most uncompromising juggler in his vision and concept."
- Onni Toivonen

"The was never mistakes, only perfections."

- Zak McAllister

"During the 3 ring part, I cried."
- Sakari Männistö

"When bearing witness to HOLY, you'll get to see my inner thoughts, ideas, taste and philosphy regarding juggling."
- Emil Dahl




15/4 Paris, France - tickets

More coming soon.